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Lei Elgona also called the Houseboat Fleet, is a location in Gravity Rush 2. The lowest level of Jirga Para Lhao, it is a ramshackle collection of run-down houseboats, shanties, and wooden structures that sits at the bottom of the city. It is wrapped in a perpetual haze of fog, and is home to the city's lower classes.

History Edit

Gravity Rush 2 Edit

Kat first ventures to Lei Elgona during the mission "Circles in the Water", where she follows the Angry Centipede gang to their hideout. After a confrontation with the gang, she helps them drive off a troop of Garrison forces and befriends them, delivering a supply of ore to the townsfolk afterwards.

In the mission "Separate Tables", Kat is hired by a wealthy woman in Lei Havina to deliver fuel for a party. However, if the player so chooses, she can deliver the fuel to Lei Elgona instead, where the citizens use it to warm their food and water.

Regardless of her choice, Kat returns to Lei Havina to learn that the Council has plans to build a new amusement park facility in Lei Elgona, sending the Garrison to raze the buildings and clear out the current residents. Outraged, Kat descends to the now-burning Houseboat Fleet and confronts the military. She manages to repel them, but not before being defeated by their secret weapon: a mind-controlled Raven, whom they call "Night Gale."

At the end of the "And the Soldier's Wife?" mission, the Council announces that, along with the citizens of Lei Colmosna and Banga, the people of Lei Elgona are to be sent to work in the mines. However, as their control over the city is broken in the subsequent episode, this does not come to pass.

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Manholes Edit

  • Angry Centipede Hideout

Challenge Missions Edit

  • Stasis Field Battle

Trivia Edit

  • With a large number of extremely similar-looking buildings and boats, Lei Elgona is a notoriously difficult location for Treasure Hunts. It is recommended that the player try to determine the elevation of the treasure in the photo, as oftentimes the treasure is placed closer to the bottom of the fleet than to the top.

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