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Lei Colmosna is the Marketplace of Jirga Para Lhao. A bustling hub of restaurants, docks, and businesses, it is the first location to which Kat arrives after disembarking from Banga.

Locations Edit

Manholes Edit

  • Archway Viewing Screen
  • Overlook Plaza Fountain
  • Radale Memorial Park
  • Sun Mansion
  • Tritower

Challenge Missions Edit

  • Freestyle Race I
  • Lunar Style Race I
  • Newspaper Delivery I
  • Time Limit Battle I

Other Edit

  • Banga Mining Boat

Trivia Edit

  • The mechanical clock found above the Overlook Plaza Fountain manhole is synced with the PS4's clock. At midnight or 12 PM, the clock will open, and a mechanical goat head will emerge, breathing fire while making a gong sound. The goat also appears at every quarter hour (3, 6, and 9) but does not breathe fire.

Gallery Edit