The Labyrinth


Labyrinth is a location featured in Another Story - Raven's Choice. It is a place outside reality with the function of storing memories that need to be forgotten, and it is inhabited by Collectors, creatures who erase the stored memories in order to keep the universe running.

Raven comes here twice—as her younger self, Sachya, to recover her lost memories, and as her present self to prevent the bus accident with the lost children from ever happening.

History Edit

This is where Raven is sent to after her conscience is shattered from the effect's of Dr. Brahman's experiment. She awakens here as her younger self, Sachya, and is instructed by Bit to recover important part of her memories in order to fix time and space. After gathering the memories of returning back to Hekseville and meeting Xii, she returns to her present form to guide an illusory Zaza to the Ark. Raven returns later once the Ark is returned to its resting place to stop the bus accident from occurring, and thus repairing the damage to the universe.

Environment Edit

The place a little more than a series of mazes, but devoid of colour and life, along with the occasional moving platform. The only things that can be found here are forgotten "memories" which can take the form of blue orbs, or physical objects that pertain to a particularly important memory. Sachya's path through the Labyrinth is not directly connected, but she will fall towards the next section once her more important memories are retrieved.

The only lifeforms that reside here are the monsters known as the Collectors. They are Raven's biggest threat since it is their job to erase said memories from the world by simply eating them. This includes Sachya/Raven herself once her memories are eaten.

Story Appearances Edit

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