Kish was the former leader of the Snakerabbits, a gang of modified air-boat riders who terrorized Hekseville with their illegal sky-racing.

History Edit

Kish is first encountered after Kat chases one of the Snakerabbits back to their hangout spot in Pleajeune, after Syd tasks her with assisting the police in apprehending them. Amused but convinced by Kat's lies about wanting to the hero work to others, he challenges her to some races as a rite of passage to become a member.

Impressed by her flying skills, and saving the gang from a surprise attack from the Nevi, Kish makes Kat the gang's new leader, which she immediately orders to disband. Kish happily agrees with her request, realising that he needs to make something of his life.

Kat encounters Kish again in Auldnoir, waiting for a train. Understanding the dilemma Kat was in (hunting down <imposter> Alias in the midst of a bomb scare), Kish offers to give her one final ride over to Endestria, to which she allows as a one-off.

Characteristics Edit

Personality Edit

As the former leader of a street gang, Kish commanded a lot of respect from his peers. Initially, he acted rather thuggish towards Kat when they first met, but as demonstrated in the Spy DLC, he was willing to allow newcomers to join the Snakerabbits if they could beat him in two air boat races.

After the Snakerabbits disbanded, Kish had become more accustomed to living a normal life, but the days with his gang hadn't left him as he was still willing to lend Kat a helping hand when she needed it.

Appearance Edit

Kish looks like your average street thug; quite burly in stature, shows off his arms with a sleeveless waist coat, and headgear one would wear to signify that they are part of a gang. Said headgear obscures his eyes though, so his face is never fully seen. He also wears black gauntlets, shoulder pads, and knee-high boots with red cuffs near the top. His main attire seems to be a one-piece suit ending in baggy leggings of some sort, with a blue sleeveless waist coat over the top it.

Abilities Edit

While Kish doesn't possess any supernatural powers, he was held in high regard by his fellow gang mates for his skill when piloting an air boat, so much so that anybody who wanted to join would have to race him by air boat twice.

Appearances Edit

Kish appears exclusively in the Spy Costume Pack DLC.

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