“I'd do anything to protect this world.”

Kat, formerly Queen Alua, is the main protagonist of Gravity Rush and Gravity Rush 2, also appearing in Another Story - Raven's Choice

Having started out as a lost girl with no memory, Kat quickly embraces a superhero role within the city of Hekseville as a gravity shifter. Her adventures eventually take her to the ends of the world, where she is allowed glimpses of her clouded past.



Over a hundred years ago, Kat was originally Alua and a queen chosen by the Senate of Eto to lead them. Alua was not very happy with her life, being forced out of her previous family and causing some of the servants to make fun of her for being unable to summon a Guardian, the mark of an Eto ruler. However, Alua wanted nothing more than to help people and did everything in her power to do so. During her time as Queen, she met and befriended Syd and the two grew very close. Once her Senate Chancellor, Xicero, told her of the upcoming doomsday—the dark ocean at the bottom of the World Pillar—in one-thousand years, Alua was more worried over the people below and wanted them to migrate to Eto for safety, which many were against. After recording a vocal evacuation message through a red crystal device to send to the people below, Xicero attempted to kill Alua by pushing her off Eto.

Before she fell, Syd appeared and tried to save her. Unfortunately, Xicero back-stabbed Syd, leading Alua to fall off of Eto. During the fall, Dusty appears alongside Alua, awakening her power and saving her from the fall. Alua eventually woke up, finding herself with no memory of her previous life and in the slums of Hekseville.

Gravity Rush

Kat woke in the abandoned slums of the city to find a mysterious and seemingly otherworldly cat sitting beside her. She eventually befriended the creature and named him Dusty. During her first encounter with the city folk, she discovered that Dusty had the ability to manipulate gravity, and he helped her save a child from a raging Gravity Storm. Later, creatures called Nevi had begun to appear around the same time as Kat's awakening and the rise of another shifter named Raven. With Dusty's help, Kat continued to help people in need, gaining the trust of the city folk. Eventually, people began to regard her as a superhero figure, giving her the title "Gravity Queen." Even the city's Police Force requested her assistance in threatening situations. During her heroic efforts to restore the missing parts of Hekseville, she would occasionally find resistance from the mysterious Raven.

Kat personally spent a brief amount of time at the lowermost part of the World Pillar in the ancient village called Boutoume. However, she later discovered that time functions differently at the different levels of the World Pillar, and she had been gone for a full year in normal time. In Boutoume, she saved the lost children from a powerful Nevi called Nushi with the help of her old foe, Raven.

Upon her return to Hekseville, Kat was once again able to save the city from impending doom. With the rise of a new mayor named D'nelica, who created the city's special forces military unit named the Jellyfish, rose to power and began conducting research on the Nevi. In hopes to claim power over the city as well as the constant Nevi threat, D'nelica oversaw the creation of a destructive weapon called the Sea Anemone. Fueled by the power of Nevi, the Anemone became too powerful for the Jellyfish to control and began to wreak havoc in the city of Hekseville. With the help of Dusty, Raven, Gade, Cyanea and a Jellyfish soldier named Yunica, Kat was able to destroy the Anemone and reclaim her reputation as the city's heroine.

Gravity Rush 2

Following the skirmish at Neu Hiraleon, Kat and Syd were sucked into a subsequent gravity storm and separated from Raven and Dusty. After being rescued and taken in by Lisa and her crew, they spent the next several months mining gravity ore for the Banga settlement. As a consequence of being separated from Dusty, Kat was once again stripped of her powers, to the initial disbelief of Lisa and Banga. One day, however, while searching for Cecie, Lisa's adopted daughter, a gravity storm appeared, followed by a swarm of Nevi/Scarabs. Fortunately, Kat was quickly reunited with Dusty and successfully rescued Cecie and Syd from the Nevi. With her shifting abilities restored, Kat did not require the heavy pressure suits used by the miners, and was able to increase the Banga settlement's ore intake tenfold.


Kat is a young girl with dark-tan skin, medium blonde hair, red eyes, and light defined lips. In Gravity Rush, her main outfit is a sleeveless, black romper/playsuit with golden decorations/accessories along with two golden rings each wrapping around her hips, two around her legs, and one in the shape of the sun on her stomach. She wears a matching headband and a long scarf that reaches past her waist. She also dons a pair of black detached sleeves with golden rings at the ends, and detached socks with golden rings at the ends and black and gold heels.

In Gravity Rush 2 and Gravity Rush - Overture: the Animation, Kat's main outfit is slightly changed. It has a hole/cut under her cleavage as well as two in the back, and two golden rings wrapped around her upper thighs, making it slightly more shorts-like. And she now wears whole black socks with the rings at the top ends, replacing the previous detached socks.

In Gravity Rush 2s DLC—Another Story: The Ark of Time- Raven's Choice—her attire is the same as it is in Gravity Rush.


Kat is a down-to-earth, intelligent, selfless girl who is willing to make personal sacrifices in order to save people in need. Despite having no memories prior to her fall to Hekseville, she is mostly very upbeat and welcomes the attention and praise of being a superhero. At times, she expresses the desire to have a romantic partner, but she demonstrates great emotional strength when confronting danger. Kat is outspoken and sensitive to the feelings and attitudes of others as can be seen in her relationship with Raven and Yunica.

In Boutoume, the Dream Guardian described Kat's former self as "weak" and "vulnerable," and implied that she was not a strong leader. However, after her fall to Hekseville, Kat embraces the hero role and demonstrates leadership during her missions with the police and her time in Boutoume.

In Gravity Rush: The Animation - Overture, Kat is also pretty gourmand. This was shown as she spent all her money buying various snacks in the plaza of Lei Colmosna, capable of fighting an entire horde of Nevi just for a meat skewer, and crying over said skewer after she failed to save it. In the second episode, while hanging out with Raven, the two shifters indulged in numerous snacks inside Kat's home.

During her life as Queen Alua, Kat was roughly the same person; selfless, kind, and wanting nothing more than to help people, even going against her servants' wishes of bringing people from the below world to Eto in an effort to save them from the impending doomsday.

Powers & Abilities

Kat is a shifter, a person who is able to able to manipulate and produce gravity, at will. When doing this, her body glows red and a strange luminous heart-like object can be seen inside her chest. She can't actually fly, but because she shifts gravity, she's instead in a levitating state; when she moves through the air, she's technically "falling" in the desired direction.

Kat can perform the Gravity Kick from the air by shifting gravity in the direction she aims at.

She is also able to emit a Stasis Field that allows her to lift objects around her and throw them. She uses it primarily to carry people to designated areas as opposed to for combative purposes. Gravity Rush 2 expands on her Stasis Field with a charged version called Piercing Throw which surrounded stasis objects in vortexes that allows it to pierce through multiple weak enemies or inflict multiple hits on stronger enemies. Its secondary "seeking effect" is what allows it to hit multiple targets or do multiple hits.

Similar to the Gravity Kick, Kat can use another technique by shifting gravity called Gravity Slide, which lets her "slide" across a surface at high speeds.

In Gravity Rush, Kat would learn special attacks from "Power Trees" in the Rift Planes that are the Spiraling Claw, the Gravity Typhoon, and the Micro Black Hole. The Spiraling Claw, as it sounds, is a technique that involves Kat spin-diving into her enemies with shape-shifted claws. Depending on the size of the target will determine if Kat crushes or strikes them. The Gravity Typhoon involves Kat creating gravitational energy and hailing it at a target. In Gravity Rush 2, the Gravity Typhoon performs differently; Kat now uses objects from the environment and hurls them at her target. The Micro Black Hole has Kat summon a black hole that engulfs and destroys most things within its center, in Gravity Rush and Gravity Rush 2.

In Gravity Rush 2, Kat gains the ability to use the Lunar Style and Jupiter Style, which change how her gravity manipulation works. While using Lunar Style, she is noticeably more lightweight and much swifter in movement, and she can use a Wormhole Kick, which teleports her a short distance when used freely and long distance when used on an enemy within striking parameter. While using Jupiter Style, she becomes extremely heavy, can block physical attacks, and can use a Surge Kick to create a powerful shock-wave that repels enemies on whatever surface it lands on.

Also in Gravity Rush 2, Kat received a transformation called "Panther Mode," a fusion type form with Dusty that greatly increase Kat's physical attack damage and speed and gives her auto-health regeneration.

In Gravity Rush: The Animation - Overture, Kat displays impressive speed and physical strength, especially after she is angered by the Nevi when they destroy her meat skewer. This is shown when she rushes through a crowd of Nevi while punching them rapidly, and also when she punches one of them with enough force to break the ground.

With Dusty at her side, Kat displays a degree of invulnerability, frequently surviving falls from heights that would greatly harm or kill a normal person. When Dusty returns to her in Gravity Rush 2, Kat is shown to be rendered immune to the intense pressure of gravity storms, and does not require the pressurized suits used by other gravity miners.


Her gravity-shifting abilities are entirely dependent on Dusty; if they are separated, or if Dusty is weakened by "Nevidelic" (Nevi killer food), she will be unable to use any of her powers, or their efficiency will be weakened severely, respectively. Kat appears to be incapable of fighting when hungry, as she complains about an empty stomach in Gravity Rush: The Animation - Overture. 



Dusty is Kat's dearest friend, guardian, and pet. Dusty was the first one Kat met after losing her memories. Kat truly values Dusty's company as not only her source of power but as a friend as well.


Syd is the third person Kat met after losing her memories. The two met after Kat defeated some Nevi that were attacking the city and became close friends over the series. While Kat is annoyed by his lazy attitude, she indeed treasures her friendship with Syd and fears for his life during several events in Gravity Rush 2.


Kat's relationship with Raven is quite the complex one. Having gotten off on the wrong foot in a rift plane called The Mirage, Raven was Kat's rival whom sought to destroy her as she claimed she was "in the way" of an unknown mission. After questioning Gade about the existence of the other Shifter, he explained to Kat that she was attempting to complete a mission herself. The two Shifters fought again in The Inferno Rift Plane, where Raven was defeated, and it was only after saving the children from both Nushi and rescuing them from the City of Boutoume that the two developed a camaraderie.

Their friendship has continued to blossom ever since. In Gravity Rush 2, Kat and Raven start off separated from each other, and reunited under dubious circumstances. Kat's concerns about Raven are put to rest after the latter is freed from The Council's mind control, to which Kat acknowledges that she has had "the best night's sleep [she's] had in a long time" knowing that Raven is safe. The two accompany each other in rescue missions, mining trips, and even journey up the World Pillar together. Raven has adopted parts of Kat's personality thanks to their friendship; snarky, playful, and outgoing with a sense of adventure.

Although Kat is shown to be easy-going and level-headed in combat throughout the whole series, she is susceptible to being pushed over the edge as seen in the final battle with Elektricitie, when she sees Raven and the rest of her friends defeated and unresponsive on the ground, Kat - for the first time in her life - flies into a blind rage at the demigod.

Out of everyone who appeared in the epilogue, Raven was affected by Kat's disappearance the most.

After the events that transpired in Another Story: The Ark of Time - Raven's Choice, Kat can be seen comforting Raven when she becomes deeply saddened from meeting Zaza's grandchildren.


Gade is often seen wandering the streets collecting trash and claiming to be the creator of the world. When Kat meets him for the first time, she doesn't think there is much to him besides being a crazy old homeless man, but as he proves to be who he claims he is, he becomes a guide of sorts. He knows more about her than she does and sends her to places where she could never reach on her own, places where he knows she's needed. Kat seems to like the old man but still gets a bit weary when he shows up because it usually means trouble and labor for her.


Kat first meets Cyanea upon her encounter with the lost tribe. Cyanea was initially tasked to guard Kat while she was imprisoned, although she later falls asleep, allowing Kat to escape. Until Cyanea is revealed to be Hekseville's creator, her relationship with Kat is largely distant. By the end of Gravity Rush, she accompanies Gale near Kat's pipe house, giving Kat access to Boutoume and collectibles. Throughout both Gravity Rush and Gravity Rush 2, she makes interventions at critical points in the story and often offers Kat cryptic advice.


In the original Gravity RushYuri Gerneaux, Yunica's commander, asks Kat to join Hekseville's Jellyfish Special Defense Force - much to Yunica's disgust. In Kat's initiation, Yunica is notably hostile towards her, accusing her of being a troublemaker and attractor for Nevi. She fights Kat in the sky of Vendecentre, although they later join forces to fight the Sea Anemone. In Gravity Rush 2, Yunica encounters Kat in her attempt to attack a Rebel spy, and later she tries to convince her that she is fighting on the wrong side. Eventually, Yunica arrives to aid Kat in the defense of Hekseville against Elektricitie.


Newt was Kat's former crush, a boy she met who asked for her help and showed some interest in her, but as it turns out that he was using his good looks to manipulate her into finding this real would-be-girlfriend, Echo, who's been possessed by a large Nevi (Cusuico). Despite the manipulation, Kat becomes friends with both of them after she rescues Echo and sees the bond they share. She even cheers them on and supports them well into their marriage and pregnancy.


While at first Lisa seems like a bit of a slave driver, she actually takes risks to save both Kat and Syd on multiple occasions, so she cares more than she likes to lead on. Lisa might have been especially hard on them because of their claims that Kat was a Gravity Shifter without any proof of it. Even after getting her powers back, Kat is often reliant on Lisa to help with her problems and the problems that loom in the horizon.

Cecie/Durga Angel

Kat quickly sees how Cecie is treated by Lisa, and she usually sees her feeling down. Kat is willing to go out of her way to help Cecie with menial tasks like herding to keep her out of trouble. In turn, Cecie views Kat as a role model of sorts, referring to Kat's strong will and optimistic nature as what she herself wants to be. Thanks to the help Kat has given her, Cecie has turned to Kat on a regular basis. She is fairly protective of Cecie when she's in the face of trouble, similar to how a pair of sisters would behave towards each other. This relationship even extends somewhat to Durga Angel, as Kat is willing to fight off Yunica and Permet when Cecie starts to gain control over her angel powers.


Misai is Kat's boss and somewhat mentor when it comes to mining ores during her time as a Banga worker. While at times he acts harsh and stubborn around Kat, Misai shows he cares deeply for her and want to be the best miner Banga has. It is hinted and believed that Misai grew feelings for Kat during their time together but did not have a chance to tell her.


 Gravity Rush

Kat appears in every episode and DLC mission.

Gravity Rush 2

Kat appears in every episode and Side Mission, with the exceptions of Episode 24: All Fires Burn to Ash and Episode 27: Black Cat (Epilogue), in which the player controls Raven.

The Ark of Time - Raven's Choice

Additionally, she makes a few brief appearances in the Another Story: The Ark of Time - Raven's Choice DLC, but the player controls Raven instead, and Kat is non-playable. She appears in the following episodes:

Other games


  • Kat's name in the original Japanese version is "Kitten."
    • She is nicknamed "Kitten" in the English version.
  • Kat's voice actress, Sanae Kobayashi, has had major voice roles in both anime and film; notably, she was the voice of Alexis Rhodes in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, and Chris Thorndyke in Sonic X. Among her video game roles, she voices Seong Mi-Na from Soulcalibur IV and Ohatsu from Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams in the Japanese versions of those games.
  • Touching Kat (via touching the screen in Gravity Rush or the PS4 touch pad in Gravity Rush Remastered) will cause her to jolt and feel uneasy.
  • It is/was believed that Kat slept in the nude. However, this was stopped in the sequel due to sharing a room with Syd on the Banga Settlement.
  • According to the Gravity Rush 2 Complete Guide, Kat is 17 years old at the outset of Gravity Rush 2.
    • According to her character bio in Everybody's Golf 6, Kat is 160cm (5 feet 3 inches) tall, just one inch over the average height for a Japanese woman. It is unknown if her high heels are factored in, though. Her weight is unknown.
  • Kat's dark skin and blonde hair share something in common with the Japanese subcultures of gyaru (ギャル) and ganguro (ガングロ) fashion. These subcultures emerged in Japan in the late 1990's and early 2000's, largely as a way for young women to rebel against the traditional Japanese standard of feminine beauty as light-skinned and dark-haired. Given Kat's rebellious personality and the occasional comments she receives from others about being less-than-stunning in the looks department, the connection to such subcultures seems likely. By contrast, Raven represents an idealized form of Japanese bihaku (美白) beauty: pale-skinned with long, dark hair.
    • This is supported by producer Makato Isomine and Naoko Sato's comments that they were concerned while creating the first game that Kat would come off as "too Japanese," and aimed to give her (along with the rest of the series) a more westernised/European feel.[1]
  • According to character designer Shunsuke Saito, Kat does not wear underwear with her default outfit. [2]
  • Despite her sweet personality, Kat is the only character to swear in the whole series, with a single use of the word "crap" when spotted by police in Episode 4: The Hekseville Phantom. For some reason, this only applies to the NTSC release and was changed to "damn" in the PAL region.


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