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Jellyfish (or Jellyfish Special Forces) served as the police and military organization in Gravity Rush. Created by D'nelica, it was formed to better combat Nevi throughout Hekseville that the Police Force could not handle. 


The Jellyfish Special Forces was first known as the "Special Defense Force", which was created by Mayor Bolsey immediately after the first Nevi invasion. They made their introduction during Alias's Sacred Gem theft plan and tribulation in Endestria, watching over Kat as she defeated Alias, but did not play a role because Kat had already dealt with Alias and his group of intimidating Nevi—as well as any remaining bombs there had been—and saved the stranded police officers.

The Special Defense Force was seen again shortly after Kat brought back the missing piece to Endestria, along with a group of Nevi from the Rift Plane. During her fight with the immense group of Nevi, the Special Defense Force stepped in and helped Kat out. The commander, Yuri Gerneaux, commanded Kat to go up the Stormshield Tower to take out the lead Nevi, and they covered her as she did so. After Kat defeated the Nevi, she met with the commander and his soldiers on their battleship. Yuri introduced himself and told her about how they are the new special defense force for Hekseville, as the police were overwhelmed and could not deal with the Nevi outbreak. Yuri, looking to strengthen the special defense force, then tried to encourage her to enlist with them, claiming how they have a common enemy, and that if she joined, she would be placed under his command; however, she did not like the sound of that nor the claim of putting innocent lives in danger, so she left.

New Special Forces

Later in time, they reformed and became the Jellyfish Special Forces, shown with their new primarily red uniforms, equipment, and vehicles, and their new Jellyfish logo. The new Special Forces was created sometime in-between Kat's venture down the World Pillar and occupancy at Boutoume. They had been protecting Hekseville since her disappearance a year ago. After Kat returned, she had another conversation with the commander, Yuri; he brought up enlistment again and working together to stop the Nevi menace, which had grown since her disappearance, but she said she would think about it as she wanted to take her first shower "in a year".

Delta Team

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In Gravity Rush 2, the Jellyfish Squadron had disbanded, but some of the remaining key members have formed a rebel alliance known as "Delta Team", though they are simply referred to as the Rebels in-universe. Formed by previous mayor, Alderman D'nelica, the group rose in protest of Hekseville's latest mayoral candidate, Dr. Brahman.

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