If I Had Just One Wish is one of the side missions featured in Gravity Rush 2. It is available about completing "Circles in the Water".

Story[edit | edit source]

Kat spots Cecie in the marketplace searching for a gift to give Lisa for Thanks Day. Unsure, the two decide to go and ask Lisa what she likes. Frightened once at Lisa's houseboat, Cecie asks Kat to go and ask on her behalf, to which Kat agrees. Getting no answer, the girls ask around Banga for ideas on what to give Lisa, with one conversation informing them about Lisa's cynical outlook of flowers. After learning from Gawan that Lisa liked playing with dolls as a child, and from Syd that a store sells a pair of dolls called the Happy Twins, Kat and Cecie locate the store in the eastern part of Lei Colmosna. Though Cecie managed to buy the Para Boy doll, the store was sold out of the Little Miss Jirga doll. Upon learning about another store that sold Little Miss Jirga, Dusty runs off leaving Kat to compete with the other customers. Although Dusty made it to the store first (giving Kat the right to claim the doll), that store was also sold out. Cecie settles with giving Lisa the Para Boy doll. Grateful for everything she's done for her, Cecie gives Lisa the Para Boy, but she is still upset that she couldn't give her both dolls. Lisa, however, had the other half of the twins Little Miss Jirga, and she gives it to Cecie on the grounds that it reminded her of her adopted daughter, much to Kat's confusion.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Use Stasis Field to carry Cecie with you to Banga. Land outside the houseboat, and then go inside to talk to Lisa. Next, ask around Banga to find out what Lisa likes as a gift for Thanks Day. After talking to Gawan, and then Syd, take Cecie over to the marketplace in the east wing of the district. Search the stores until you see one with a bunch of people gathered in front of it. Chase after Dusty to the other store with the dolls with other customers in pursuit. Finally, take Cecie back to Banga, and approach Lisa to trigger the final conversation.

Completing this mission rewards you with the "Cecie's Wish" talisman.

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