High Pressure is a special attack used by Raven in Gravity Rush, Another Story - Raven's Choice, and Gravity Rush 2. Raven has this move right from the series' outset.

Utility Edit

Like Kat's specials, High Pressure can be used when Raven's SP Gauge is full. When activated (pressing the triangle button on the Dual Shock 4), gravity is distorted in the direction Raven is facing, covering a wide and long range and destroying enemies in the process.

This technique essentially acts as a screen nuke, and is best utilized against large groups of enemies in order to eliminate them all in one shot, but it won't eliminate bosses the same way (though it can do a large amount of damage to them).

Becuase Raven can build up SP so quickly using Blood Talon, the High Pressure attack is easily available in seconds, but the attack can only target enemies that are on screen, within Raven's field of vision.

Acquisition Edit

Raven has had access to High Pressure since long before the events of the first Gravity Rush. It is unknown when exactly she acquired the move, whether she learned it over time, or if she got it directly from her guardian, Xii.

Notable UsesEdit

  • Raven first used this move against Kat, aggressively, after Kat brought back the missing part to Auldnoir from The Ruins.
  • It was used again by Raven when she was at Boutoume, where she used the spores hanging from the horizontal root structures several times in an attempt to defeat the antagonized Nushi.
  • Raven also used High Pressure in order to temporarily disable the Sea Anemone's highly dangerous shield so that Kat could apply continuous damage to it.
  • Later, Raven used it again in the past by catching the bus full of children so that the accident which sent the children down to Boutoume never happened.
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