The Hekseville Defense System is a robotic defense system created by Dr. Brahman to defend Hekseville from the Nevi attacks and replace the Jellyfish Special Defense Force.

It consists of two types of robots, the Grigos and the Bubs.


The Grigos are spherical floating robots with a single eye that can change colors depending on their status. They speak in a monotone, high pitched voice similar to a child or woman, and attack with electricity. Their function is to detect Nevi entering the city as well as any other crime that may be committed. They can recognize peoples' faces and general appearance, and demand registration from anyone who has not been added to the database.

The normal eye color of a Grigo is green, and it turns yellow when scanning, and red when it is attacking or pursuing an enemy. When Alias hacks into a Grigo to guide Kat without being seen, he turns its eye blue.

While Grigos can operate wirelessly, they usually only use this function to communicate. They are fully autonomous robots, as shown when a damaged one is thrown into a Rift Plane and continues to operate.

Their name may come from the Gorgon, a monster known for the ability to turn people to stone by looking at them.


Flower-shaped floating robots that absorb the gravitational energy from gravity storms to stop them. Unbeknownst to everyone, they were actually storing the energy and are able to regurgitate it to shield the Angels.

Their name probably comes from the fact that they look like flower buds when closed.

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