"Guardians are special beings that only appear for the royal family."
—Unnamed Eto resident

Guardians are mysterious creatures that appear as companions to members of the Eto royal family. They can take the shape of a variety of animals, and all have a single unifying feature: their bodies appear to be made of a substance resembling the night sky, full of stars.

Thus far, three Guardian-like entities have been seen: Dusty, a cat-shaped Guardian belonging to Kat; Xii, a crow-shaped Guardian belonging to Raven; and Wolp, a majestic winged deer-shaped Guardian belonging to King Cai. Dusty and Xii grant their owners the ability to control gravity, as does Wolp, as seen when Cai frees Elektricitie.

However, Dusty and Xii are actually two halves of the same Guardian, the Sphinx. Therefore, technically there are only two Guardians, the Sphinx and Wolp, both following a mythological theme.


  • Due to Dusty becoming weakened upon consuming "Nevidelic", food containing Nevi-killer poison, it can be presumed that Guardians are a type of Nevi.