Gravity Typhoon is the second special attack used by Kat in Gravity Rush and Gravity Rush 2.

Utility Edit

Gravity Rush Edit

The Gravity Typhoon sends Kat into the air and allows her to create rocky spikes and launch them forward at her foes. The player will have full camera control, so the attack can hit enemies on all sides. There is no need to be super precise with camera positioning, since the attack will target any enemy that is close enough to the centre of the screen. The more it is upgraded, the greater the damage the duration.

Activate the attack by pushing the Left Stick forward and pressing the triangle button.

Gravity Rush 2 Edit

The Gravity Typhoon functions exactly the same way it did in the previous game, with the only difference being the projectiles being used are pulled from Kat's surroundings. When fully upgraded, a Gale Zone secondary effect is added, which engulfs Kat in a small whirlwind that gives her immunity to all damage. Like before, enemies will go down easily with this attack, with only large enemies and bosses taking more of a beating.

Press the triangle button with a full SP gauge while in Lunar mode to use the attack.

Acquisition Edit

In Gravity Rush, Kat first gains the Gravity Typhoon from the second Power Tree she finds within the Inferno Plane while finding the missing piece of Pleajeune during the game's eighth episode, A Hundred and One Nights.

In Gravity Rush 2, shortly after they find the sole survivor of a Garrison expedition in the Candle Zone, whom Raven takes to a hospital in town, Kat finds the Lunar Style power-up, to which the Gravity Typhoon is tied.

Trivia Edit

  • The Gravity Typhoon is the second special attack that Kat acquires in both games.
  • In PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, the Gravity Typhoon is Kat's Level 2 Super Attack, with the only difference being that the direction in which the projectiles are launched is influenced by the player instead of the camera, due to the game's 2D level design.
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