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Challenge missions are optional difficulty events in Gravity Rush. They are accessed at special facilities found throughout Hekseville and Boutoume after paying a fee of 10-60 Precious Gems at them, except for the six additional DLC challenges which are found on rooftops and designated areas on the ground.

There are three types of medals that can be earned: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Completing them and obtaining any medal grants you a certain amount of Precious Gems—the higher you score, the more gems you'll earn, and the lower you score, the less gems you'll earn.

Challenge Types Edit

Challenge missions come in different types, each having different sets of rules. There are:

  • Race Missions - these are checkpoint races, which require Kat to use every power at her disposal to pass through every checkpoint throughout the course; the number of which varies by from mission to mission. There are different rules applied to certain missions, whether Kat has no energy recovery, or she has to use certain powers.
  • Rift Plane Missions - exclusive to the 3 DLC packs, these missions take place inside the Rift Planes; they take form of standard missions, only with unique conditions, like unlimited specials or starting with low health. The Mirage has no extra conditions.
  • Combat Missions - these missions involve point scoring by fighting enemies; while most of them allow full use of Kat's skills, some may restrict her to certain moves. The larger/tougher the enemies are, the more points they score.
  • Miscellaneous Missions - one off missions that involve performing menial tasks, like taxiing people to a designated area, or clearing the streets of rubbish.

Challenge MissionsEdit






Additional Notes Edit

  1. Known as "Auldnoir Throwing Challenge" in PAL regions.
  2. Known as "Pleajeune Throwing Challenge" in PAL regions.
  3. Known as "Rift Plane Vitality Race" in NTSC regions.
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