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Cover used for Gravity Rush 2 Soundtrack: Director's Choice.

Gravity Rush 2 Director's Choice Soundtrack, also Gravity Rush 2 Soundtrack: Director's Choice, or Soundtrack: Gravity Rush 2 Director's Choice, is a select digital soundtrack that was an exclusive pre-order bonus for both the digital and physical version of Gravity Rush 2,[1] which was unlocked for pre-order buyers on January 18, 2017. It was composed by Kohei Tanaka and consists of 9 tracks.


# Track Name Composer Length
01 Gravity Rush 2 Kohei Tanaka 2:15
02 Storm and Triumph Kohei Tanaka 4:27
03 Fire-Bound Lions Kohei Tanaka 3:11
04 Hot Pursuit Kohei Tanaka 1:53
05 The Lost City Kohei Tanaka 3:27
06 Under Invasion Kohei Tanaka 3:31
07 Candlelit Journey Kohei Tanaka 3:21
08 Angel Kohei Tanaka 4:33
09 Night Gale Kohei Tanaka 4:42


The soundtrack has been uploaded here to download.

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