“Fall again… A new project from Team Gravity.”
- Promotional Line from the TGS 2013 trailer.

Gravity Rush 2, known in Japan as Gravity Daze 2, is the sequel to Gravity Rush. The game is developed by SIE Japan Studio and Project Siren and is published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4.


On the 20th of September, a project which was known as 'Team Gravity Project' was announced at Tokyo Game Show 2013. It was developed by Team Gravity/Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studio. Gravity Rush 2/Gravity Daze 2 '''''is the sequel to the original Gravity Rush with Kat returning with new powers and upgrades, and serves as the conclusion to Kat's story. It was released January of 2017.

During the TGS Sony Conference in 2015, Sony finally unveiled the game as Gravity Daze 2 alongside the new Gravity Rush Remaster for PS4.


  • During the trailer Kat displays red aura around both of her wrists. She did not display this ability or color in the original game and could be suggesting a new power up.
  • During the trailer Kat does not shift gravity as usual but instead seems to leap weightlessly. This added to the fact that she did not change colors while flying implies a new power.
  • During the trailer, Kat also seems to be exploring a part of town never seen before in the original game.
  • During a trailer , Kat is given two new forms, Luna Mode and Jupiter Mode. Both manipulating the effect of gravity on Kat to provide new gameplay styles.


Gravity Rush 2 TRAILER PlayStationPGW

Gravity Rush 2 TRAILER PlayStationPGW

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