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Using the power to change gravity, Kat sets out to gather crystals - Official Description

Splash Screen for Gravity Rush: Infinite Skies

Gravity Rush: Infinite Skies is an endless runner featured in PlayStation AllStars Island. The player swipes and tilts the screen to control Kat as she runs through Hekseville collecting precious gems and destroying or evading the Nevi.

There are two minigames starring Jak (from Jak and Daxter) and Sackboy (from LittleBigPlanet). Each minigame requires a full coke bottle (charged by destroying Nevi) to access, and gives the player an opportunity to briefly collect large numbers of gems without penalty.

It is currently available for free on iOS and Android devices. There are no microtransactions present in the game.


Infinite Skies largely retains the e

Start screen for Gravity Rush: Infinite Skies

ndless runner formula, except rather than switching between lanes on the ground, Kat will jump between platforms from beside and above the ground as well. This is executed with directional swipes.

Occassionally Kat will be sent into the sky with no platforms to run on; instead, she will fall through the air, where the players can collect a trail of gems and dodge the Nevi by tilting the device.

In Jak's minigame, Kat scrolls across the screen side in free fall. She can gain altitude by touching the screen. Sackboy's minigame plays exactly like the main game, but in two dimensions, where the only platforms are the roof and the ground.


  • Dusty is not featured in this game
  • Likewise, Kat does not glow with a red aura when she is shifting gravity
  • Kat also features in the opening cinematic and in a minigame for Infamous
  • Auldnoir, Endestria and Vendecentre all make an appearance in this game
  • The Laser Nevi makes its debut appearance in this game