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Gravity Kick being used by Kat in Gravity Rush 2.

The Gravity Kick is an aerial technique used by Gravity Shifters. It has momentum physics that determine how much damage it does based on distance. It is the first gravity power Kat used after becoming a shifter.

Main Uses[]

The Gravity Kick is used primarily to target airborne enemies. When Kat is shifting gravity, the Gravity Kick can be initiated by pressing the square button. It can also be used to hit enemies standing on vertical surfaces, or to hit cores that are out of reach from the ground. At base level, Kat can defeat a Nevi in one or two kicks, but orange cores will need more kicks to destroy. Gravity Kick can still be used to attack grounded enemies from the air, and in Gravity Rush 2, chaining the Gravity Kick into another will increase the damage output with the right talisman(s) equipped.

Gravity Kick is useful for smashing through weak structures as well, as demonstrated in the Inferno Rift Plane Challenge.

Differences between Kat and Raven[]

The Gravity Kick is not a move exclusive to Kat; Raven is also capable of using this attack, though it functions differently compared to Kat.


Kat's version of the Gravity Kick is one powerful kick that deals a large amount of damage on immediate impact. Only one push of the square button is needed to perform the kick. Her kick does not take up much Gravity energy.


Raven's variation of the Gravity Kick is the "Blood Talon," which has her continuously spin and perform a sequence of kicks, as opposed to one swift, powerful kick. Her initial damage is not as high as Kat's gravity kick, but she can do greater damage overtime than Kat's kick through extended use. It is activated the same way as Kat, but additional button-inputs are required. Subsequently, Raven consumes far more Gravity energy than Kat does, and the Blood Talon cannot be upgraded.

Other Variations[]

  • In Lunar Style, the Gravity Kick becomes the Wormhole Kick, allowing Kat to warp to a nearby enemy and deliver a series of kicks to it. Ideal for fast moving targets.
  • In Jupiter Style, it becomes the Surge Kick, which gives Kat a chargeable attack that deal Area of Effect damage. Ideal for clusters of small enemies.