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Gravity Engine was a boss in Gravity Rush 2. Located at the core and having direct control of the Lost City, it was first seen holding Cecie hostage.

When the Lost City was causing havoc in Lei Havina, Syd suggested taking out the gravity engine in order to stop it. After entering the Lost City, eventually Kat and Raven encountered the possessed gravity engine, whom held Cecie captive and swallowed her, and fought against it. With their combined power, Kat and Raven were able to defeat it with a combined finisher attack.



The Gravity Engine, as its name would imply, is a gravity engine, which is protected by hard structural steel. It is powered by fuel which is transmitted through the pipes connecting it to the outside of the engine room.

Across its forehead are multiple exposed holes, which shoots out a scattering of multiple spherical energy projectiles with tracking properties. Additionally, the main core that is protected by a closed structural steel mechanism is located at the center, while another exposed hole that is slightly bigger than the aforementioned multiple is found below it, which can shoot out a long projectile energy-beam. When the secondary cores within its pipes are destroyed, which causes the gravity engine to become immobilized temporarily, the main core hidden by the steel mechanism opens and is exposed.


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