Gravity Days is one of the two comic series that was used in the promotion of Gravity Rush, the other being Gravity Daydream. It was a four part special each containing two comic pages, showing Kat's every day life in Hekseville. A special comic with four pages was released in the Special Fan Book of Gravity Rush, detailing an interaction between Kat, Raven, Gade and Yunica.

The Gravity Daze Series Official Art Book also included all of issues in the comic, but it is written in Japanese.

Issue 1 - The Guardian of HeksevilleEdit

The first comic details Kat’s unique ability of gravity manipulation. [1]

Issue 2 - The Red BalloonEdit

The second comic features the happenings that take place when Kat attempts to retrieve a little girl’s red balloon. [2]

Issue 3 - The Little TyrantEdit

The third comic shows Kat taking care of a baby, which is a difficult challenge requiring special skills! [3]

Issue 4 - The Night CircusEdit

The fourth comic centres on Kat visiting a circus performance. [4]

Gravity Days AlternativeEdit

The fifth and final comic was released in the Special Fan Book. It detailed an interaction between Kat, Raven, Gade and Yunica.

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