Going Underground is a miscellaneous PlayStation trophy that can be earned in Gravity Rush.

How to unlock Edit

This trophy is unlocked upon discovering all of the open manholes around Hekseville. Manholes serve as fast travel points, and are marked on the map once they are discovered; in the overworld, they are identified by a glowing halo coming out of the ground. On the map, they are represented by purple markers with an inverted black triangle in the centre.

There are 13 manholes to discover; 3 in Auldnoir, 3 in Pleajeune, 3 in Endestria, and 4 in Vendecentre.

Additional Information Edit

Main article: Manhole locations (Gravity Rush)

This is a silver rated trophy rewarded more for exploring the game world. As with the Mysterious Couple, this wiki has a detailed guide on where each fast travel manhole is located.

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