Gestures are a minor gameplay mechanic featured in Gravity Rush 2, serving as an unlockable cosmetic feature.


Gestures are mainly used in conjunction with the camera which Kat receives from Syd upon starting the Jirga Para Lhao chapter. There are four gestures available by default when the camera is acquired, but more can be unlocked as the player completes certain missions, engages treasure hunts, and earns Dusty Tokens through online events. There are 20 gestures in total.


Gestures are poses that can Kat can strike using the face buttons when the gesture menu is up. While their main purpose is associated with taking selfies via the camera's tripod feature, they can be used outside of the camera mode with a press of the "Down" button on the D-Pad.

Though a very minor detail, using these gestures in front of civillians will cause them to respond accordingly. For example, if Kat uses the "Greet" gesture in front of someone, that person will greet her back.

While not 100% necessary, gestures may add personality to photos that players share online.


  • "Relax" is the only gesture with an animation dependent on the outfit Kat is wearing. If she's wearing anything with a skirt, she will stand and stretch as opposed to sitting.
    • The sitting variant for "Relax" is also reused from the first Gravity Rush whenever Kat enters the bus in Boutoume. The only difference is Kat's facial expression.
  • When greeting a Grigo, it will greet back by blinking twice.
  • The "Greet," "Scare," "Sing," "Meow," "Wave Arms," "Kali Pose," "Point Up," "You There!," "Honored," "Tongue Out," "Wink," and "Hip Attack" gestures can elicit a reaction from townsfolk.
  • "Hip Attack" is the only gesture that can put townsfolk into the "frantic" animation, which will cause them to run away and eventually disappear from the game. And do damage to enemies.


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