Gawan is a minor character in Gravity Rush 2. He is the elder of the among Banga's residents, and he looked after Lisa when she was young, before she became the settlement's leader.


Aside from being the village elder and being Lisa's parental guardian from an early age, very little is known about Gawan. He mentions to Kat that the reason Lisa is so tough on Cecie is because she lost her daughter in a Gravity Storm, and she doesn't want to go through losing a loved one again.

It is implied that he has some friends outside of Banga during a side quest that Syd gives out. As she looks for a screw for Syd, Kat finds Gawan running a small shop for a friends of his. She happily takes over for a short while as Gawan heads back to Banga to find a screw.

In the epilogue, he talks fondly of the work Cecie does for Banga when Lisa is away. He has grown to mistake her for a young Lisa from time to time, even mistaking Raven for Kat in their conversation.


He is very loyal to Banga and is always showing concern towards others above his own needs. Gawan is willing to help or provide advice to anyone who asks for it, as seen many times throughout ''Gravity Rush 2 when Kat needs information on something. Due to his age however, he may be somewhat senile, as he tells Raven "[he] can't rely on [his] memory forever..."


Gravity Rush 2

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