Frequent Flyer is a skill based PlayStation trophy obtained in Gravity Rush.

How to unlock Edit

This skill-based trophy is unlocked by successfully landing 10 gravity kicks without taking any damage or landing. While this isn't exactly difficult to complete, it is still recommended that players don't try to get this trophy straight away, since Kat's shifting capacity is not that honed yet.

After upgrading shifting duration a lot, this trophy can be attempted; the best way to do so is by taking on the Score Attack challenge mission found by the fountain in Auldnoir.

Additional Information Edit

This trophy has a Silver rating, and is one of the skill oriented trophies the game offers. A reassuring note worth pointing out is that you don't need to kill an enemy with a single kick; so long each attack connects with its targets without Kat landing or taking a hit, each successive hit will add up. It is recommended that Kat's Gauge Usage and Gravity Kick are levelled up extensively.

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