Fireproof Racer is an unlockable trophy in Gravity Rush, and is one of 8 from the Spy Costume Pack DLC.

How to unlock Edit

Main article: Rift Plane Health Race

To unlock this trophy, player must complete the Rift Plane Health/Vitality Race with a gold medal. Easily the longest checkpoint challenge in the game, let alone the DLC, the target time to beat for the gold medal is a pretty lengthy 3 minutes 30 seconds.

Additional Information Edit

This trophy carries a silver rating, and is possibly the hardest trophy players can unlock. For this challenge, extensive upgrades to Kat's health, shifting speed, recovery, and gauge usage so that they are close to their maximum level are recommended.

For the aforementioned 3 and a half minutes gold target, you can't afford to dance around during this challenge, since the time limit is quite strict, and you'd only just make it with the upgrades recommended on the main page. See the challenge's main page for further tips and advice on clearing the challenge.

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