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Falling to Pieces is the nineteenth episode in Gravity Rush. It is preceded by Adreaux on Call.


In the middle of the night, Kat is awakened by Alias, whom she thought he had killed. He then causes Dusty to emerge as several clones that take off into the city. Without hesitation, Kat sets out to find her companion, put him together, and fight Alias...again.

She finds herself in the same park area in which she first awakened in Hekseville, seeing visions of Zaza and Raven while she finds Dusty. As she recovers each Dusty clone, her power slowly returns to her, allowing her to fight some Nevi that spawn around the underbelly of Auldnoir.

Kat soon finds the last clone and Dusty is back to full strength, but the two are faced with a unique Nevi that resembles a panther that is also protected by a force field. Kat defeats the remaining Nevi that appear to knock out the shield. However, Kat does so transforming into a Panther, to her amazement.

Before she can even engage with Alias, he unexpectedly removes his mask and reveals his identity to Kat (but not the player, yet). Kat is visibly shocked by this, but before anything else is revealed, she finds herself back in her home, stirred from her sleep, realising that everything that just transpired was just a weird dream. Suddenly, something starts moving under her bedsheets, but it turned out to be just Dusty. Kat is initially relieved, but then something else appears, freaking her out, until Cyanea crawls out from under the bedsheets. Though Kat is bewildered by how she even got there in the first place, she does take Cyanea's presence as a positive sign that Raven and the Lost Children are still safe.

In the morning, Cyanea informs Kat that the Ark is still finding its way back to Hekseville. In the meantime, she offers Kat a chance to return to Boutoume any time she wishes.



Gravity Rush - Part 19 Episode 19 - Falling to Pieces

Gravity Rush - Part 19 Episode 19 - Falling to Pieces

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