Mining Boat

The Explorer's Mining boat seen lowering Kat down in the cage towards a Gravity Storm.

For the mining boat used in Banga, see Mining Ship

Explorer's Mining Boat is an airboat owned by an explorer located in Vendecentre, and it is used to access mining sites. The mining boat is first used during the side mission titled "Anchors Aweigh" in which the explorer wanted Kat's help in proving to the townsfolk that worlds do exist beyond gravity storms, by having her go to a mining site for investigation.

Not too long after the first event, during the side mission "Anchors Aweigh II", the determined explorer is sure the next evidence recovered will be enough to convince the citizens, and so he uses his mining boat again to drop Kat off into another mining site. After completing this mission, the explorer will take Kat to any of the mining sites she has visited thus far.


The Explorer's mining boat is a maroon colored airboat, with hazard stripes running across both sides. It has a ladder on each side, three head lights, a helm used for steering, and a gravity engine and propeller at the rear-end. As with the mining ship, it also has its own crane and cage used for dives into mining sites.



  • The explorer's mining boat's design is nearly identical to the Crane Boat that was seen in Endestria during Gravity Rush.
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