Your gravity gauge is empty. Grab gems to fill it and make your way to the goal!
— Challenge description 
Endestria Energy Race II is a challenge mission found in Gravity Rush, and is part of the Special Force Pack DLC.

It becomes available to play when the player gains access to Endestria after completing Episode 8 in the main story, "A Hundred and One Nights".

Overview Edit

This is another checkpoint race in Kat will start with no energy, and can only use gravity gems to refill it. This challenge takes place along the district's pipe lines, and eventually finish on an airboat below.

There are 19 checkpoints in this race.

Targets & Rewards Edit

Medal Target Times Rewards
Gold 1:30:00 800
Silver 2:00:00 700
Bronze 2:30:00 600

The total cumulative rewards is 2,100 gems.

Getting a gold medal in this challenge unlocks the "Apprentice Plumber" and "World-Class Plumber".

Strategy Edit

Recommended upgrades:

  • Gauge Usage: Level 8

The course for this race is trickier than most races in the game due to the presence of narrow, and even circular surfaces. Most of the 19 checkpoints appear on the giant pipes, so the ideal way to approach them is to keep a straight line as you run across them, and avoid using the Gravity Slide.

If you need to jump down from a high ledge, tap R1 to float just before hitting the ground skip the recovery animation, and to maintain control over the landing. Maximising Gauge Usage will reduce the amount of energy used between grabbing gravity gems.

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