"Those who follow the teaching of the tablets, gain great fortune."
Syd, referencing Lisa's books.

Enchanted Zone

The Forbidden Land.

Enchanted Zone (also known as the "Forbidden Land") is the third mining site and rift plane in Gravity Rush 2. Referred to as the Forbidden Land, and rumored to contain rich ore deposit, Kat came here in order to find enough ore for a new replacement shipment for the Council.


When Kat was conflicted with finding a way to get a new shipment of quality ore after their most recent haul, Misai suggested the "Forbidden Land," a place rumored to contain rich ore. Kat proposed the idea to Liza of coming here for the rich ore. Knowing about the danger here, Liza was adamant about not sending any of her people here, as according to her, "There's a reason why it's called the Forbidden Land." However, after being reassured by Kat's shifting abilities and confidence, and Misai and a few other Banga's miners' immediate participation, Lisa proceeded to take her to the rift where the Forbidden Land would be.

Upon landing in the plane, Kat was not impressed or scared by the atmosphere at all. She proceeded to find the tablets that Syd spoke of so that she could find the rumored high quality ore deposits. After finding and completing multiple tablet challenges, she was eventually led to a larger island filled with incredible ore. On this island, she encountered an implanted stump-like thing with Nevi-cores disguised as ore, then the giant Nevi surfaced from underneath and revealed itself. After Kat defeated the Nevi, it diminished and left behind an extremely rich ore reserve.


  • Kat tested out her first new power, Piercing Throw, here.
  • The only other rift plane with similar geographical and geological themes is the The Mirage from Gravity Rush.
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