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Do What You Will is a side missions that Kat can partake in Gravity Rush 2. It is available after completing the seventeenth story mission, "Road to Lonely".


Kat comes across a small girl crying about losing her dog, a beagle named Pipi while she was walking him. Being Kat, she naturally decides in help the girl out by capturing Pipi, though the latter warns Kat that Pipi tends to "you know" when he gets excited.

Kat eventually catches the stray dog, but she suddenly feels rain coming down on her, only to discover that Pipi is urinating on her, realising that the dog is incontinent. Pipi runs off again the minute Kat puts him down, and the chase continues around the fountain. Kat catches him again, making an effort to keep him away from her when he does his "business". Unfortunately, she happens to be holding Pipi over some other people, leaving them on the receiving end of an incontinent dog.

After one final chase around the fountain, Kat finally reunites Pipi with his owner, the girl thanking Kat for her help despite the trouble she had, and the latter deciding to stick to cats after remembering that she was urinated on earlier.


All you are doing in this mission is chasing a dog around, trying to capture it. Each time though, you have to keep your distance since Pipi will just run off again. You also cannot capture him when he's on the move; Pipi will stop running for a spilt-second, but you have an extremely small window to catch him using Stasis Field.