Destructive Force, otherwise known as The Darkness, is the final antagonist in Gravity Rush 2, and overarching villain in the series. It can be commonly seen in the form of the great black sea that exists below the World Pillar. It is gradually sucking the World Pillar into its black hole, and will eventually engulf the entire world, Eto included.

History Edit

In Gravity Rush 2, it serves as the game's true final boss. It speaks to King Cai in his mind, beckoning him down the path of darkness and convincing him to release Elektricitie from her crystalline prison, so that she might destroy the world below. After Elektricitie's defeat, it makes itself manifest and possesses Cai directly, merging him and his Guardian Wolp into a giant demon. This being can manipulate gravity, being able to remove various aspects of Kat's shifting ability and even remove it altogether.

It offers to allow Kat to survive the oncoming apocalypse in exchange for allowing the destruction to continue, saying that the end of the world is fated and inevitable. However, Kat refuses and manages to defeat it, ending Cai's threat to Hekseville.

However, according to Bit, the Destructive Force can never truly be destroyed, only sealed away by becoming the singularity within the black hole. Kat decides to make the sacrifice to stop the Destructive Force. The exact outcome of it is unknown, but Kat remains missing for a year afterwards. Hekseville is in a time of peace, and Kat is implied to reunite with Raven at the end of the game.

Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit

The Destructive Force is usually an unseen force to civilization, only appearing as the black ocean below Hekseville. When it does eventually manifest into a physical form however, it resembles a stag mixed with a dragon, giving it a demonic appearance. The stag elements are inherited from Wolp, whom Cai was merged with.

Personality Edit

It is a mysterious, incomprehensible, omnipresent force of evil; existing everywhere, it represents chaos, death, decay, and destruction, among other similar aspects. Destruction of everything is its primary goal, and is willing to "bargain" with those who resist it.

Abilities Edit

The Destructive Force can manipulate gravity, and fire off deadly energy beams to repel attackers. The flap of its massive wings can generate strong winds that easily blow an airborne shifter away unless they use Jupiter style. The cores all over its body have regenerative properties,and can regrow after a short while. Most notably, it can strip away various abilities from a shifter (as Kat learned) until they are gone completely, even reducing Kat's health all the way back down to base level.

Appearances Edit

The Destructive Force looms below Hekseville at all times, but only physically appears in one episode:

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