Dangerous Delivery is one of many side quests in which the player can partake in over the course of Gravity Rush 2. This one is unlocked after completing Episode 10: No Messiah, No Message.

Story Edit

When Kat spots Vogo in Lei Colmosna, he appears to want to turn over a new leaf, and this assignment will seemingly be his last before giving Sun Shipping a do-over. He asks Kat to deliver some goods to four clients in the area. The goods are fragile, and Vogo suggests that Kat doesn't "whip them around" using her Gravity powers, so she lightens her body by switching to Lunar Style.

As she makes her second stop however, Raven suddenly appears, demanding that Kat gives her the remaining packages. Upon seeing the clients' acting strange, Kat starts to suspect that Vogo is sending people some high addictive goods, possibly drugs. She becomes worried that Raven might also be addicted. Kat prepares for one last delivery when Raven tracks her down and demands one more time that Kat gives up the package.

THIS was the questionable package !

The goods that Vogo wanted delivered.

Despite being chased and attacked by the crazed Raven, Kat delivers the last package to Vogo's client. She is then horrified to learn that the package was just an extremely rare "anti-gravity" cake made in very limited batches. Raven appears again, furious that the man had snuck in front of her while she fell asleep after waiting for three days and three nights to get her hands on one. Kat promptly leaves, just as Raven snatches the cake away from the man.

Walkthrough Edit

You will spend the entire mission in Lunar Style and all other powers will be disabled due to the mission's nature. Use the Spring Jump to scale tall buildings, and use the Horizontal Rocket jump to make your way to each destination. If you need to, do some mid-air flips using R2 to extend the distance of your jumps.

You will get attacked by Raven at various points during the mission, but all you can do is avoid her since you are unable to fight back. Instead, do some flips when she is about to strike; Raven will scream when she launches an attack, so use that as your audio cue to evade. The packages have 100 "hit points", which decrease as you leap and bound across the map. Raven can do some serious damage to the package, so be careful. If the package's "health" drops to zero before the final delivery is made, you will fail the mission.

It is recommended that your evasion is levelled enough to do at least 3 dodge rolls when you do this mission.

Trivia Edit

  • This side mission is one of three instances where Lunar Style is mandatory to use.
  • Raven's behaviour throughout this mission is more reminiscent of a crazed drug addict than that of a glutton.
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