Customer Service II is one of 20 challenge missions in Gravity Rush 2. It becomes available once the side mission, "Come One, Come All", is completed.

Overview Edit

Just like the main side mission that unlocks this challenge, your job is to attract customers (using Stasis Field) to one of the small cafés in the area. However, as the Square in Pleajeune is smaller and less open than Vendecentre is, you'll most likely have to go out of your way to find potential customers.

Targets & Rewards Edit

Medal Target Score Rewards
Gold 50 600 gems, "Passionate Service" talisman
Silver 40 300 gems
Bronze 30 150 gems
Total ========== 1,050 gems, 1 Talisman

Gameplay Edit

Note: For the best results in this challenge, the author recommends that Kat's Stasis Field is upgraded to carry 5 objects.

Run around the area and use Stasis Field to grab people in the street, and fling them into the marked spot to score points. You can always use the Gravity Slide to score more easily if you feel your throwing accuracy is a little shaky.

Listen out for hot spot announcements; more people tend to show up in these moments, whether they gather around street entertainers, or come up from the underground passageway. You only need to score 50 points for a Gold medal, and time will be extended after certain score thresholds are reached.

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