Known Creators

Known Creators

The Creators are godlike beings who are responsible for creating the universe and everything that it holds. The Creators usually hold human forms or use humans as a vessel to interact with other beings. While holding large amount of powers, there are still something a Creator cannot do. They treat their world as a book, and once written, they cannot change anything. Performing acts that goes against their code will lead to a Creator being erased from the universe. It is unknown how many Creators there are, but so far only three are known.

It's also unknown why the Creators are forced to follow laws under penalty of erasure. It's possible there is an unseen higher power that created the Creators themselves, or it could just be a universal law that once set in motion cannot be reversed.

Known Creators

  • Gade: So-called creator of the universe: Erased
  • Cyanea: Creator of Hekseville: Erased
  • Bit: Creator of the Rift between the world and dream: Erased


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