Creators are a group of powerful beings in the Gravity Rush series. They are gods that are mostly responsible for creating the universe and keeping it stable. While holding large amount of powers, there are still some things a Creator cannot do, such as not having control over the actions of what their creation does once brought into existence.[1] They treat their world as a book, and once written, they are not suppose to change anything. Performing acts that goes against the natural order of things will lead to a Creator being erased from the universe.[2]

Creators prefer to guide and give advice on how to do something rather than interfere directly. Depending on how large a threat is to the world will determine if they warn of it or interfere using their own power—typically the impending destruction of a world would have them take action, in order to maintain the existence of the world.

They possess the ability to foresee events before they happen, though there seems to be an extent as they have been confounded at the results from events that they have not been a part of. Moreover, they also have the power to bring someone to locations outside the world such as a different dimension, a rift plane, or a dreamworld. Additionally, Creators are capable of flight and sustaining it.

Known CreatorsEdit


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