The Collectors are strange beings encountered in Gravity Rush 2 that exist outside of space-time.

They appear humanoid but large and crustacean like with claw hands and move via floating, with no legs. They have grey armor and wear a white robe with a hood and tail-like piece of fabric. They also have red, Nevi-like eyes in front of their body, which function as their weak points.

They appear to have a similar function as Creator Bit, to repair problems with the universe by eating them. Their behavior resembles that of intelligent beings, but they cannot talk and have no qualms about doing whatever is necessary to repair the universe, even if it means killing innocent people.

When attempting to destroy the Ark, they are forced to merge together into a Giant Collector, but it is defeated by Raven using both Dusty and Xii. Raven loses her memory of this event, having been forced to erase her past to fix the problems with the universe. Bit later restores her memories at the end of Gravity Rush 2 when she encounters him in Eto.


  • The Collectors heavily resemble the Langoliers from the eponymous Stephen King novella, being created by an unknown higher power to repair the time-space continuum by eating things that cause paradoxes within it. They also have the ability to float and spawn in massive numbers.
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