Collectors are strange beings encountered in Another Story - Raven's Choice. They exist outside of space-time in a place called the Labyrinth, where they erase the stored memories that need to be forgotten, in order to keep the universe running.

They appear to have a similar function as Creator Bit—to repair problems with the universe, albeit by eating them.


The Collectors patrol the Labyrinth for memories or other things that need to be erased. Whenever they saw Sacyha, they would attempt to erase her from existence; if she were to be caught by them, they would proceed to erase her. They were also seen guarding some of the flaws that existed in the universe, such as the School Bus and Ark, having prepared to erase them at some point. However, Raven ends up securing both objects, and transporting the Ark out of the Labyrinth.

It was not until Raven successfully got the Ark back online by restoring the elements of Light and Darkness to it that the Collectors invaded the city where the Ark was to attempt destroying the Ark. They ended up merging into an alpha-like Giant Collector after Raven was pushing them back and preventing them from doing their job. In their merged stated, not even Raven in her Phoenix Mode could stop it, and the remaining group of Collectors as well as the Giant Collector attempted to erase Kat from the world after learning that Raven was going to use her power to defeat it. However, after Raven eliminated the remaining Collectors, she used Dusty's power and combined it with her own to become the Sphinx that would end up defeating the Giant Collector. 

Characteristics Edit

They appear humanoid but large and crustacean like with claw hands and move via floating, with no legs. They have grey armor and wear a white robe with a hood and tail-like piece of fabric. They also have red, Nevi-like eyes in front of their body—the Collectors with the purple stripped robes having an extra third eye in the back of their heads—which function as their weak points.

Their behavior resembles that of intelligent beings, but they cannot talk and have no qualms about doing whatever is necessary to repair the universe, even if it means killing innocent people.

Trivia Edit

  • The Collectors heavily resemble the Langoliers from the eponymous Stephen King novella, being created by an unknown higher power to repair the time-space continuum by eating things that cause paradoxes within it. They also have the ability to float and spawn in massive numbers.
  • Despite what concept art and comic-panels show, the Collectors wearing the blue stripped wardrobes are never seen in game with a third eye.
    • Only the Collectors with the purple stripped robes have a third eye.
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