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Challnge Mission icon (GR2)

Challenge Mission icon.

Challenge missions are optional difficulty events in Gravity Rush 2. They are accessed by interacting with designated spots within the cities of Hekseville and Jirga Para Lhao. There are three types of medals that can be earned: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Completing them and obtaining any medal grants you a certain amount of Precious Gems—the higher you score, the more gems you'll earn, and the lower you score, the less gems you'll earn.

Premium Talismans can also be obtained from all challenge missions, but it requires obtaining a gold medal per challenge.

Challenge Missions

Lei Colmosna

  • Newspaper Delivery I
  • Time Battle I
  • Freestyle Race I
  • Lunar Style Race I

Lei Elgona

  • Stasis Field Battle

Lei Havina

  • Newspaper Delivery II
  • Moving Day
  • Sliding Race I


  • Freestyle Race II


  • Sliding Race II
  • Aggressive Sales Tactics II
  • Customer Service II
  • Behind the Scenes I


  • Time Limit Battle III


  • Lunar Style Race II
  • Aggressive Sales Tactics I
  • Customer Service I
  • Behind the Scenes II

Avarash au Govena

  • Time Limit Grab
  • Time Limit Battle II


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