Challnge Mission icon (GR2)

Challenge Mission icon.

Challenge missions are optional difficult events in Gravity Rush 2. They are accessed by interacting with designated spots within the cities of Hekseville and Jirga Para Lhao. There are three types of medals that can be earned: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Rewards Edit

Completing them and obtaining any medal grants you a certain amount of Precious Gems—the higher you score, the more gems you'll earn. Just like in the first game, the gems earned are cumulative based on the medal earned; for example, one can earn 350 gems at once from Time Limit Battle I if they win a Gold medal on the first attempt. It should also be noted that the rewards can only be earned once.

New to Gravity Rush 2 are the "Premium Talismans" that can also be obtained from all challenge missions, but they can only be earned with a gold medal in each challenge. In addition, challenge missions are gradually unlocked via story progression and no longer require gems to open.

If you participate in challenges sent by other players, you can earn Dusty Tokens; the amount depending of whether you win or lose. As of July 2018 however, challenge participation with other players is no longer possible due to the online service ending that day.

Challenge MissionsEdit

Lei ColmosnaEdit

Lei ElgonaEdit

  • Stasis Field Battle

Lei HavinaEdit


  • Freestyle Race II



  • Time Limit Battle III


Avarash au GovenaEdit

  • Time Limit Grab
  • Time Limit Battle II

Trivia Edit

  • Initially, the Time Limit Grab challenge can be found in Lei Elgona. When the Bismalia becomes accessible outside of missions, it will appear there instead.


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