The Brink is a location in Gravity Rush 2. It is a dimension between dimensions, and was created by Bit. It is the place where things that are lost and things that are and are not born exist and do not exist.

History Edit

The Brink is the place that Kat was brought to by Bit to remember, face, and accept her past life when she was Queen Alua. After reuniting with Syd, who told her he would be waiting for her at her final memory, in the Brink, she had to experience the events that she had lived through a century ago until it led to her last memory as the Queen of Eto.

Kat could only progress through the Brink with her powers that allows her to change and forge new paths, the Lunar Style and Jupiter Style power.


The Brink is only accessible through Bit. It consist of gravity defying cubes, with mysterious embossed patterns, lined up in narrow, straight pathways. Some cubes and pathways are both located higher in the air and lower in the air, as well. There are two types of cubes: the main cubes which are stationary, and the red cubes which can be manipulated upwards or downwards with Lunar Style and Jupiter Style. The red cubes are isolated from the main paths, resulting in blocked paths and gaps between pathways. When a red cube is realigned, the entire path leading up to it lights up, but it also dims down, resulting in a constant lighting and dimming effect. When all the red cubes are realigned, all of the cubes in the area light up and dim down, repeatedly.

Navigation Edit

To navigate the Brink, you are placed on an extremely linear pathway with red blocks above or below said path. Usually placed one block out of alignment, you must stand on the red block, and either raise it up with Lunar style, or lower it with Jupiter style. Kat cannot shift gravity while she is in this realm, therefore she can only alter gravity's direction using gravity pulses found along the path. Sometimes, completing the path will require the use of these pulses to properly line up the red blocks, since some of them aren't placed directly above or below the path.

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