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Bolsey is a character in Gravity Rush. He was the mayor of Hekseville who was later superseded by D'nelica.


He coined the term "Nevi" to name the strange creatures that first invaded Hekseville, in addition to establishing the elite police force.

He is seen by the citizenry as generally ineffectual against the appearance of the Gravity Storms and the Nevi. This leads to his defeat in the elections and Alderman D'nelica becoming the new mayor, never to be seen again.

His fate by the end of the game is left ambiguous; it is not clarified whether he is left alive, imprisoned, or even assassinated off-screen.

Physical Appearance Edit

Bolsey is a relatively short man who wears a brown suit. He wears a waist coat underneath his suit jacket, as well as a white shirt with a three tailed medallion under the collar.

Appearances Edit

As mayor, Bolsey only ever appears in a newspaper clipping right at the tail-end of Episode 2 of Gravity Rush, "Shadows over the City".


Trivia Edit

  • Since mayors usually get addressed by surname, Bolsey's forename will most likely never be known.
  • Bolsey never actually appears physically at any point in the game, though he is talked about multiple times throughout the game by certain people.
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