Blue Jays is a gravity power used by Raven in Gravity Rush, Another Story - Raven's Choice, and Gravity Rush 2. First seen during the story mission "A Hundred and One Nights", it is a projectile attack that comprises of blue energy balls.

Uses in the Story Edit

Throughout the series, Raven uses this attack in all of her battles against Kat including the aforementioned mission, the fight down the World Pillar during the story mission "Look Out Below", and the fight at the Banga Settlement during "Wandering Heart", in Gravity Rush and Gravity Rush 2 respectively.

The Other used an innocuous version against Kat during the story mission "Dimmed Light". Yunica has used Stingers against Kat in the past, an attack that is similar to the Blue Jays in terms of functionality.

Controlling RavenEdit

Raven summons five Blue Jays by default, and it acts as her charged version of the normal Stasis Field, analogous to Kat's Piercing Throw. With more SP energy, she can increase the capacity of the Blue Jays by five each time. She can have up to a maximum of at least eighteen stocked Blue Jays [note 1].

Regardless of the attack or damage Raven takes while holding the Blue Jays, as well as running out of gravity energy, the blue spheres will never disappear.

The Blue Jays can be used or held in conjunction with other held objects.


  1. The held item counter in game will never actually show anything above 15 stocked Blue Jays, as the counter stops at 15.


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