Behind the Scenes I is a challenge mission in which Kat can partake in Gravity Rush 2, and is unlocked after completing the side mission, "Find the Idol".

Overview Edit

The route takes you from Arquebus Academy, along Main Street, through the square, and ending at the Ferris Wheel. The narrow streets can make the challenge somewhat difficult, into there is little room to move. There are 7 checkpoints along the route to make resetting less of a hassle when you do fail by bumping into someone.

Targets & Rewards Edit

Medal Target Times Rewards
Gold 1:15:00 800 gems, "Idol Talent" talisman
Silver 1:35:00 400 gems
Bronze 2:00:00 200 gems
Total ========== 1,400 gems, 1 Talisman

Strategy Edit

At the start, jump over the group of fans on the stairs to avoid contact with them. The next bit is quite difficult due to narrow walkways that make running into someone easy. Jump between the stairs when necessary to avoid bumping into someone, and when you reach the top of the stairs, hang left through the back alley into the square to avoid the tightly packed crowd. Once you emerge in front of Pandora's Fortunes, and weave around the crowd to avoid contact

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