Complete the race using only your gravity slide! Slide your way through town to reach the goal.
— Challenge description 
Auldnoir Sliding Race is one of 20 challenges found in Gravity Rush.

It is unlocked by restarting the other lift in Auldnoir, for a small fee of 20 gems. This in and of itself requires Kat to recover the missing part of Auldnoir in Episode 6 before it become available.

Overview Edit

This race has 13 checkpoints in it, and functions the same way as previous races. The difference here, however, is that Kat can only use her Gravity Slide technique to complete the course, and shifting is disabled entirely. The course itself is more or less a quick lap around the lower levels of Eastern Auldnoir.

Targets & Rewards Edit

Medal Target Times Rewards
Gold 1:00:00 400
Silver 1:10:00 300
Bronze 1:30:00 200

The total cumulative reward is 900 gems.

Strategy Edit

It is possible to achieve the top score for this challenge with no upgrades.

There isn't much to this challenge in the way of strategy; just initiate the Gravity Slide, and follow each checkpoint around the area. You can shave off a couple of seconds at the halfway point by jumping over the small gap to cut the corner slightly.

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