Auldnoir Free Race is one of 20 challenge missions found in Gravity Rush.

To unlock the challenge, Kat must raise the drawbridge near the Auldnoir Plaza by depositing 10 Precious Gems into the motor nearby.

Overview Edit

This challenge is a simple checkpoint race. Checkpoints will appear on the ground, and some will even appear on walls. The course itself is just a single lap around the drawbridge area, with 12 checkpoints total. Kat must go through each checkpoint in the order in which they appear within a set amount of time.

Targets & Rewards Edit

Medal Target Times Rewards
Gold 0:46:00 300
Silver 0:55:00 200
Bronze 1:30:00 100

The total payout is 600 gems if Kat achieves all 3 targets at once.

Strategy Edit

This challenge can be easily completed with no upgrades to Kat's powers.

First, start by using the Gravity Slide to glide through the first 3 checkpoints at the start. When checkpoint 4 appears, launch into a Gravity Kick to hit said checkpoint; this will cause Kat to bounce off the wall and stay aloft. Immediately drop to the ground and into another Gravity Slide to keep the momentum going through checkpoints 5 and 6.

Repeat the previous tactic when checkpoint 7 appears, only this time, rotate the camera after hitting the checkpoint, and fall towards the building across the bridge for checkpoint 8. From there, run up the wall through checkpoint 9, then rotate the camera roughly 135 degrees to find checkpoint 10 on an overhanging sign. Hit it with a Gravity Kick, then immediately drop to the ground as Kat recoils from the attack to land right on checkpoint 11. The final checkpoint is only a few feet away from the previous one.

Even without upgrades, it is possible to achieve a time of less than 40 seconds, more than enough for a gold medal.

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