Auldnoir Energy Race is one of 20 challenge missions which Kat can partake in Gravity Rush.

The challenge becomes available when Kat restarts the first of Auldnoir's Lifts by depositing 10 Precious Gems into the furnace close by.

Overview Edit

This challenge is another checkpoint race, but with one key difference: Kat starts the race with no gravity energy, and it does not recharge automatically. Kat will need to use her powers to complete the race as quickly as possible while keeping her energy up by collecting Gravity gems. There are 9 checkpoints to race through.

 Targets & Rewards Edit

Medal Target Times Rewards
Gold 0:50:00 300
Silver 1:00:00 200
Bronze 1:15:00 100

The total payout is 600 gems if Kat achieves all 3 targets at once.

Strategy Edit

First, run towards checkpoint 1, collecting the Gravity gem in your path, then hop the fence through checkpoint 2 and proceed beyond the flight of stairs. With your Gravity gauge half-full, use the Gravity Slide to glide through checkpoints 3 through 5, then shift over the gap to reach checkpoint 6 faster than taking the walkway. Shift again while keeping X held down to reach checkpoint 7 quicker, then immediately drop to the ground and launch into a Gravity Slide. As you pass checkpoint 8, launch Kat into the air and fall towards the final checkpoint across the gap to complete the challenge.

Like the Auldnoir Free Race, this race can be gold-medalled without upgrading any of Kat's abilities. As you navigate the course, make sure you keep collecting those Gravity gems to prevent running out of energy.

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