Auldnoir as it appears in Gravity Rush

Auldnoir (オルドノワ, Orudonowa), also called the Old Town, is a location in Hekseville. It is the first area Kat encounters in Gravity Rush, and it also makes an appearance in Gravity Rush 2.


Auldnoir is a primarily residential area of brownstone houses. Kat's sewer home is located near the bottom of the district, and Aujean and Eugie's house is briefly seen as well before being taken away in a gravity storm. The town is home to a post office, several small streetside vendors, and some larger homes to the northwest, one of which belongs to Melda. In Gravity Rush, Pandora's Fortunes is also located in Auldnoir.

The sky in Auldnoir is perpetually tinted red.


Template:SpoilerIn Gravity Rush, Kat awakens in a small park near the base of Auldnoir at the beginning of the game, and the town is the first area the player explores. She makes a home for herself at the base of the district and encounters several important characters in the town, including Syd, Alias, Aki, Gade, and Raven. The second mission of the spy DLC (The Dreamlife of Ghosts) and both missions of the Maid DLC (The Diary of a Maid and the Madam and the Shifter) also take place in Auldnoir.

In Gravity Rush 2, when Kat returns to Hekseville, she awakens in Auldnoir in the same spot as she did at the beginning of the first game. Exploring the town, she finds that it is largely unchanged, except for the large black buildings that are part of the city's new defense system, and for her house, which has been abandoned and filled with trash.


Gravity Rush 2


  • Auldnoir Fountain
  • Karuwari Church
  • Supply Depot

Challenge Missions

  • Freestyle Race II


  • Auldnoir's name likely comes from the English auld, a variation on the world "old," combined with the French noir ("black, dark"), which can also refer to the genre of crime films known as film noir.


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