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Arquebus Academy is a location featured Gravity Rush, Another Story - Raven's Choice, and Gravity Rush 2. It is found in Pleajeune and is one of the city's more well known landmarks.


Arquebus Academy is located on the outskirts of the district's centre in Pleajeune. It is, as its name would imply, a high school. While Pleajeune as a whole has a purple tint to it, Arquebus Academy has a brown tint to it.

Story Edit

After asking around the centre of town for Echo's whereabouts, Kat takes Newt to the school grounds to find out where she is. Later, the school grounds serves as the battlefield for the boss fight against a possessed Echo.

During Gravity Rush 2', 'Raven stops by the academy to congratulate Eugie on being accepted into Arquebus.

A single side mission takes place at Arquebus Academy, in which Newt calls upon Kat to investigate a group of students trespassing onto the school hours after hours.