Ancient Game Hunter is a combat related PlayStation trophy obtainable in Gravity Rush.

How to unlock Edit

Main article: The Ruins: Rare Nevi

In order to unlock this trophy, players must find the illusive green Nevi within The Ruins rift plane, and defeat it. These Rare Nevi are far more aggressive than their standard brethren; they are faster, attack more frequently, hit harder, have more health, and are immune to special attacks. Fighting one of these can be daunting at first, but they reward players handsomely once they are defeated.

The rare Nevi in The Ruins is the commonly fought "Are" Nevi.

Other details Edit

This trophy has a silver rating, and is one of three trophies related to fighting rare Nevi in the rift planes. Defeating the one in The Ruins will also yield a large gem payout.

Tips Edit

  • DO NOT attempt to fight this enemy with no health upgrades; Kat will die very quickly.
  • As you fight, stay in close to the Nevi. If you put some distance between you and the Nevi, it will launch a barrage of deadly projectiles with a wide spread.
  • Although faster than regular enemies, the rare Are still telegraphs its attack. Dodge roll when it rares its arm back.

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