Kat returns alone to Hekseville, which is now a very different place from the one she left. Her old house in the pipes is wrecked, and her old friend, the fortune teller, has disappeared. She has no time to find her, however, as a gravity storm erupts in the middle of the city.

Alone Again is the thirteenth episode of Gravity Rush 2. It the first episode of the Hekseville chapter. The episode also introduces purple tinted Nevi as well as a new character: Kali Angel.


Upon awakening in the slums of Auldnoir, the first thing Kat does is check on her old home in the sewers, only to find it being used as a dumping ground. She then decides to visit Pandora's Fortunes, but she instead finds a strange black building in its place, along with some odd robotic devices known as "Grigos". After asking around for answers without no results (with some kids threatening to call the police on her), Kat decides to grab something to eat from the stalls by the fountain. However, her food is quickly snatched by a bird, so she gives chase.

Just as her snack is eaten by the bird, a gravity storm erupts overhead, so she tries to fight it instead of worrying getting something to eat. After a while, more strange drones (called "Bubs") absorb the energy from the storm, then a Nevi suddenly appears and tries to attack Kat; however, she is saved by Hekseville's new guardian, Kali Angel. The two battle the storms overhead, and they take out all remaining Nevi.

While Kali receives all of the praise from the townsfolk, Kat is shoved aside by some boy, who turns out to be Eugie. Now grown into a teenager, he, along with his father Aujean, quickly recognize her and welcome her back after a three year absence (to Kat's surprise). With help from his son, Aujean tries to tell Kat that she is not relevant anymore, but they do tell her that Pandora's Fortunes was relocated to Pleajeune, so Kat heads over there to find her old friend, Aki.

When she arrives, she sees Newt and Echo just leaving the place. Kat learns that Echo is carrying Newt's baby and that they are now married. They visited Pandora's Fortunes to find a name for their baby, and they fell in love with the name they were given immediately. As they leave, Kat heads inside to find Aki. After a brief catch up (Kat concluding that Aki moved her business mainly for financial gain), she leaves, since Aki has a customer waiting to see her.

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An Angel Among Us A male student Pleajeune
The student is seen praising Kali Angel, claiming her to be a true angel, and he plans to capture every moment of her with his camera. After getting his attention, Kat decides to asks him if he has heard of the "Gravity Queen", to which he replies yes and that his friend's brother chased after her some time ago. However, he states that he prefers Kali Angel himself, as he feels she is on a completely different level than the Gravity Queen.
Civic Responsibility A Grigo Auldnoir
The Grigo is seen asking a homeless man if he has registered for his citizen code, telling him that it is a civic responsibility to register and that it is very convenient to have. However, the man does not want one, and he gets frustrated by the robot continuously telling him to do so, as it has been doing. After experiencing that conversation, Kat considers registering after she has settled down a bit.
Enjoy the Peace Addica Vendecentre
Addica is seen speaking proudly of Hekseville's Defense System with two young woman, believing the city to be safe with Grigo on the ground performing security and Bubs in the air absorbing the gravity storms. For reassurance, one of the woman asks him if it was Dr. Brahman who created it, to which he tells her yes; he also adds that he is the man to thank for the peace that the citizens have. She then asks if the conversation is over, and the other woman asks why they were given a spiel when all they wanted were directions. He replies saying that they better be grateful for everything the man does for them. Finding an excuse to leave, the first woman says they will do that. After they leave, Kat notes the man's creation of the Bubs.
Two Sides of One Town A city employee Vendecentre
The city employee is seen complaining about being more busy with his job, because more people are using the trains. Kat asks him why that is the case; he proceeds to tell her it is because the government moved to Vendecentre, since Neu Hiraleon was pulled in by that gravity storm three years ago. Thinking to herself, she wonders who would believe her that it became a monster and attacked her.


First, head to Kat's home on the other side of the wall from where Kat awakens. Next, head up above the city where Pandora's Fortunes used to be. Ask around for info on what happened, specifically talking to a middle-aged man, some kids with a dog, and a Grigo. Next, go to the stalls near the fountain to get a snack from one of the vendors. Chase the bird around town, until it rests of a roof.

Gravity storms with giant hands will appear over town, along with a bunch of Nevi spawning with them. You are introduced to enemies with a purple tint to them; these are more aggressive and stronger enemies, so watch yourself around them. You will need to defeat the giant hands to rid the storms, before defeating the remaining Nevi. Once that is done, head to Pleajeune to find Pandora's Fortunes in the area by the Ferris Wheel.

Once you finish this episode, you can visit Pandora's Fortunes any time to merge, morph, and recycle talismans.


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