All That Glitters is a challenge based PlayStation trophy that is obtained in Gravity Rush.

How to unlock Edit

Main article: Challenge Missions (Gravity Rush)

The objective to unlock this trophy is self explanatory: earn the Gold medal in ALL of the available challenge missions in the base game. While some are easier to do without substantial upgrades, it is still recommended that you upgrade Kat's powers quite a lot for the later challenges.

Should you be sparing with upgrades, then you will have to go hard to beat the top scores for some of these challenges. Otherwise, there aren't many that will give you a difficult time.

Additional Information Edit

This trophy has a Gold rating, and you probably won't be earning this one until very late on in the game. Assuming you complete these challenges as you play through the game, you can earn this trophy as early as arriving in Boutoume after finishing Episode 13. Keep in mind that the challenges from the DLC's are NOT required for this trophy:

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