A Legend is Born is a side mission that Kat can partake in Gravity Rush 2. Being one of the earliest to debut after returning to Hekseville, it is available after completing "Alone Again" in the main storyline.

Story Edit

Shortly after returning to Hekseville after a three year absence, Kat is approached by a talent agent who wants to cast her in a film. Feeling that she is full of radiance, she accepts the part, and he lands her a role alongside local starlet, "Poterie Doll".

After meeting the production crew and changing into the nurse costume provided by the agent, Kat prepares for her scenes in Battle Nurse, the movie being produced. She is directed to perform some pretty dangerous stunts, such as dodging a train, leaping across rooftops, falling to the streets, crossing airboats, and escaping explosions. As the scenes are shot, Kat asks numerous questions about the film, including why she has no speaking parts.

When her scenes are finished, Kat discovers that she is not the actual star of "Battle Nurse", rather she is Poterie's stunt double. The talent co-ordinator runs off before she can get an answer.

Walkthrough Edit

As a stunt woman, you will be performing the following stunts for the film "Battle Nurse":

  1. Scene One: run along the train tracks, then jump onto the platform before the train hits you.
  2. Scene Two: run across the rooftops while avoiding the thugs, without falling down to the streets below.
  3. Scene Three: leap across a platoon of moving airboats, without falling.
  4. Scene Four: from the roof, jump down to the slum area—each jump landing in a roll.
  5. Scene Five: beat up the thugs on the roof, and then jump off before the bomb explodes, into some crates.

If you fail any of these scenes, the director will call for a re-shoot.

Trivia Edit

  • The talent co-ordinator gives Kat a stage name upon accepting the offer. The name he gives her is "Kitten", which happens to be Kat's name in the Japanese release.
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